This is how I love to start my day...Coffee and some reading..
My beloved (late) Oscar...He passed away in his sleep almost two months ago..He was my best, most trusted everyday companion, along with Simon...
Oscar doing his business rain or shine
Simon my other beloved companion and best friend...He and Oscar are the same age, 14 years..Simon and I miss Oscar very dearly..
Wherever life drops pins and needles along your path, don't stay away. Instead, collect them so that the same pin won't hurt you again..
~Sanajy Rathi ~
A teddy bear pocket charm my older son gave me for Mother's Day 23 years ago...
Cello that my younger son keeps and cherishes, still in mint condition..We gifted him this cello when he was about 10 or 11 years old..He is now 31 years old..
Sometimes I am in a mood to shoot still life photos, lol..
I found this tiny blue jay feather at my feet during patio time in my back yard..This was my first 
morning back home after being in TN for much of the winter..I had been spending time with my 
mom who had been ill..I treasure the time I had with her before she passed on..
I love crafting..One of the many things I like to do is to crochet...This is a spring chicken I whipped up by following a pattern by Drops Design..I used Peaches and Cream cotton yarn on an F sized crochet hook..These chicks are about 5 X 5 inches in diameter..They make good Christmas tree or refrigerator ornaments :-)
I visited a favorite nursery (gardening center) with my besties Kim and Michelle recently..While there we enjoyed the cool breezes, the flowers and butterflies..I spotted this piece of whimsical art hanging on a fence..The colors caught my eye..

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